Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is TCR?

TCR (Top City Real Estate Agents) is a free service to home sellers and home buyers. Consider us your real estate matchmakers!  We help lower the stress of moving by referring you to a top real estate agent in your community. A top city real estate agent knows the value of customer service, keeps agreements, is honest, has integrity and is professional. Someone who has the time to work for you, is dedicated to you and your needs, knows the community and will be with you every step of the way. Our primary goal is your satisfaction. We bridge that by teaming you up with the very best in the business.

How do I get started?

The first step is to fill out a short online application form, which you will find in the right hand top column on each page of this web site. It is optional how much information you provide. The more information you provide, the better we can match you to the right real estate agent for you. (We treat your personal information with the utmost respect and will never trade or sell the information. It is used solely for the purpose of providing you with the best real estate agent. Please see our privacy policy.)

Once you have submitted your application form, we get to work for you by contacting a Top City Real Estate Agent in your area. You can expect contact from that agent within hours of your application. Before long you will be sitting face to face with your agent, discussing your needs and formulating a game plan! It’s that easy!

What are the costs?

Absolutely none! There is no cost to you at all. In fact, we want to reward you by giving you a gift straight from TCR! You choose your gift of a $200.00 Gift Certificate from a store of your choice. There are no hidden costs to you and your real estate agent fees will be the same whether you use our service or not.

But how does TCR stay in business?

TCR gets paid a referral fee from the real estate agent to whom you were referred after your home is bought or sold. Paying referral fees is a common practice in the real estate industry. In no way will it affect the level of service you receive or the quality of your agent. Top producing agents work hard to find great clients. Advertising costs and referral fees are industry practice and reflected in the standard rates charged by agents. Whether you choose to use our referred real estate agent or select one on your own, the rates charged to you by the agent will not change. We at TCR bridge the gap by providing those agents with great clients. Everyone wins!

How is the real estate agent referred to me?

The real estate agent is referred to you once you fill out your online application form. Once your application form is submitted to us, you can expect a top real estate agent to get in touch with you right away. In fact, we at TCR have agents sign an agreement prior to being referred any new clients. That agreement includes service points that must be maintained. If they are not maintained, that agent is no longer part of the TCR team. We only work with the best realt estate agents in each Canadian city.

Am I obligated to use the referred agent?

You are under no obligation to use the real estate agent we have referred to you. Although we endeavour to match you to who we believe will be the right agent for you, the ultimate responsibility rests with you to choose the agent you believe will best represent you in the purchase or sale of a home. We encourage you to meet with the agent before making any decision as to whether they are best suited to represent you. If you would like another referral of a different agent, we would be happy to provide another one for you. Please see our terms and conditions regarding the TCR Gift Certificates, as gift certificates are only issed when using one of our referred TCR real estate agents.

How does TCR find their agents?

To find the top real estate agents in Canada we consider and evaluate a number of important factors.

  1. What have his or her past clients been saying about their home buying or home selling experiences? As the old saying goes “You are only as good as your last client says”. This is a vital part of the research that TCR conducts. We actually contact past clients of the agents we refer. We also solicit feedback from all our clients after each transaction to monitor how the referred agents are performing.
  2. The agent must have a minimum of five years experience, must be a full time real estate agent and must be brokered with a top brokerage.
  3. The agent must also have a “client first, agent last” approach to real estate. This is can be hard to find in the real estate industry. However, we demand this from ourselves as well as our Top City Real Estate Agents. Our goal is to provide you with the very best in the business. That means that when it comes to giving you critical advice in the home buying or home selling process, your agent will always place your needs before their own!

I’m a top producing real estate agent. How can I join the Top City Real Estate Agents team?

If you are a top producing real estate agent with high standards and ethics, with a minimum of five years as a real estate agent and would like to be considered as one of our referring agents please click here to fill in our Top City Real Estate Agents form, and we will be in touch with you.