Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Using Top City Real Estate Agents Service

Although we endeavour to match you to who we believe will be the right agent for you, the ultimate responsibility rests with you to choose the agent you believe will best represent you in the purchase or sale of a home. We encourage you to meet with the agent before making any decision as to whether they are best suited to represent you. If you would like another referral of a different agent, we would be happy to provide another one for you.

Top City Real Estate Agents is not liable or responsible for any actions on behalf of the referred real estate agents or their brokerages. If you are dissatified with the services of the referred agents and their brokerages, you may pursue all available remedies through that agents professional organization. Top City Real Estate Agent holds no responsibility within the agency relationship you have formed with your referred agent.

Term and Conditions of $200 Gift

Top City Real Estate Agents is a FREE service to you. When using our service we will reward you with a gift of your choice worth $200. Consider this your “housewarming gift" if your are buying a new home or a "congratulations gift" if you are selling a home. There are no hidden costs to you and your realtor fees will be the same whether you use our service or not.

ALL of the following conditions must be met to receive a Gift Certificate:

  1. You utilize our referral service to attain a referral for a real estate agent
  2. After attaining our referral, you engage the services of the referred real estate agent as your agent in purchasing or selling your home. (If you do not choose the first REALTOR® we recommend, you can ask for another referral.)
  3. You purchase or sell your home using our referred real estate agent
  4. You fill out and return our follow up survey after the purchase/sale has closed to let us know how we did

Upon meeting all of the above conditions, choose a gift certificate worth $200.00 to the store of your choice.

Your gift certificate from Top City Real Estate Agents will be sent to you two weeks after the closing date of the purchase or sale of your home.

Terms and Conditions of the Referral Rewards Program

  1. Only one referral will be paid out on any given home purchase or sale
  2. The referral is confirmed by the purchaser/seller
  3. The referred purchaser/seller meets all of their terms and conditions laid out above, with the exception of filling out the survey after the purchase/sale is complete. This is a condition of the buyer/seller receiving their$200.00 gift, not you as a referrer receiving your gift.

Thank you for letting Top City Real Estate Agents refer a REALTOR® for you. We work with some of the best real estate agents in Canada, all are experienced real estate agents, maintining the highest of standards.